The Importance of the Urban Futures Survey


Ken Cameron explains why people should take part in the Metro Vancouver Urban Futures Survey. Ken is a past Manager of Policy and Planning with the Greater Vancouver Regional District and a member of the PlaceSpeak Board of Directors.


Transcript: The Importance of the Metro Vancouver Urban Futures Survey

I hope that people will participate in the Urban Futures Survey; it only taking roughly the time it takes to watch a sit-com on TV.  There are several reasons for that, first of all it gives them a direct voice in establishing a total body of public opinion in the region which I think allows them their opportunity to speak out. That information is going to be useful to local governments and all kinds of organizations in making decisions about the future. it’s an empowering tool I think and empowerment is a hot topic in the fall of 2011. I think this is an opportunity for people to express themselves in a way that they know is going to be taken seriously.


The other thing is that it gets them on to the PlaceSpeak system and allows, if they are interested in it, for them to have an ongoing level of participation and input on all kinds of issues that affect their neighbourhood, their home and the future of their region. I hope that people will find this is something becomes part of their daily lives that they are interested in turning to find information and to provide their input on an ongoing basis.

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